Word About Sink and Counter-top Heights


When putting in a brand new sink or counter high and renovating your house in general, it helps to induce an honest plan of how high every element is, therefore you’ll arrange your toilet accordingly. If you wish to put in a mirror over the sink, as an example, you would like to grasp how high {above|higher than|on high of} the counter top to mount it, this additionally tells you ways high the mirror are often and if it interferes with lighting fixtures.

Sometimes figuring this out isn’t as straightforward as betting on the makers dimensions sheet. after you install a vessel sink, you have got to account for many factors, as a result of the sink installs on high of the counter.

This means your final sink and counter height is quite the peak of simply the cupboards. however adding the 2 along isn’t perpetually straightforward, either. the overall overall height of your new sink is that the height of the countertop, and the portion of the sink visible {above|higher than|on high of} the vainness top. so as to go away additional sink exposed over the countertop, all you would like to try to to is cut a smaller recess hole. to go away less sink exposed and lower the general height of the sink, cut a bigger hole, and set the sink bowl farther into the vainness.

When setting the bowl into the cupboard, you lose a number of the peak of the sink, therefore you would like to account for this loss in height likewise. Calculating this previous time is usually not possible, as a result of the overall height of the sink can find yourself being determined by the dimensions of the outlet you drill within the counter. To be terribly correct, solely take the ultimate measurement from the ground to the lip of the sink once the sink is put in and glued in place. This prevents any foul ups and ensures a correct reworking project.

Counter high height is extremely necessary in determining the layout of the lavatory as a result of it’s how you opt on many fixtures, sort of a faucet, the vainness mirror, lights and any on top of the counter cupboards. don’t take this half gently, as straightforward very little miscalculations will typically result in a far additional sophisticated project that takes many days to complete, rather than simply a number of.

When preferring cupboards, think about the overall height and compare this to the typical, customary height of counter tops, that is between thirty four and thirty six inches. Then begin coming up with from this measurement.

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