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Who are we

This is why we consider ourselves experts in tannery and housing:

The Lorica “concept” originated approximately 30 years ago, thanks to an intuition on behalf of the “Special Products” division of an important Italian tannery and consisted in processing natural raw materials together with unrefined man-made, non-fabric microfibre, very similar to animal products. The LORICA SUD Srl company is the major manufacturer of hi-tech leather for the following sectors: cycling and motorcycling footwear, sportswear, safety shoes, furnishing, contract and office furniture. LORICA is currently the sole Company capable of producing such hi-tech leathers thanks to a similar production process as that of tanneries and patented by LORICA. You can learn more about our products in rile-life situations at our tannery and housing magazine.

Our philosophy about tannery and housing:

Lorica, initially, appears in raw sheets with a very flexible appearance and with conspicuous puckering: from the initial microscopic section-analysis, it is possible to identify the great similaritŕ with animal hides even though it is an entirely synthetic material. The idea to combine polymer and tanning technologies originated, carrying out the processing of unrefined Lorica (composed of polyurethane and polyamide microfibre) extremely suitable for sustaining the necessary and intense tranformation procedure, in order to obtain “real hi-tech leather”. Lorica was designed to satisfy the wide-ranging and demanding requirements of the current market in an environmentally-friendly way. The products used in the various Lorica manufacturing phases are in fact neither toxic nor harmful to man or the environment. Lorica is an innovative material that scores excellent results in bio-medical tests: the analysis carried out in specialized centers firm that Lorica is a non-allergic, non-ssitive and non-irritating product.